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Haircut of Married Women.

Disclaimer : this story is taken from Internet sources. Thought i can share it for you.

Baskar is a advocate. He married Sujata a beautiful women. Both are relations. They have one child. They lived in Chennai. Baskar native is Madurai. Sujata is more beautiful because of her hair. Her hair is upto her hip, thick and shiny. Baskar fall in love with Sujata because of her beauty. Sujata is good women, kindness with others and also give respect to all others. Baskar was very happy about that. Baskar was very short temper person. He was very angry in small things. But Sujata adjusted along with baskar character.
Both Baskar and Sujata lived happily. He got enough money to live. They lived in a bungalow along with car and other assets. Sujata take care of Baskar very much. They had a maid called gowri for house hold works. Gowri is unmarried with her mother and no father. Her mother is taking care of Baskar relative house. Her mother handed gowri in Baskar’s guidance and told to gowri that do the house hold things as per baskar and gowri says and obey the couples as their wish. Gowri is appointed to baskar house to help sujata. Gowri had mid back length of hair. 
Happy going life came to be an disaster one day. Baskar’s sister Indira who is younger than him came to Chennai for her studies. She is also having long and thick hair upto knees. But not shiny as sujata. She came to study computer diploma in chennai. She got friends from her study centre. Her friends were Nasreen, Savitha, Selvi and Nisha. Nasreen is a a model girl from high class family who have her hair upto shoulder length, going to parlour for haircut every month. Selvi is from high class who is having hair just below her hip. Nisha is modern girl who is having her hair upto her hip. Savitha is younger than others from a middle class family who is having hair upto her knee. She used to wear double braid which will be folded like school girls everyday.
These five become friends at computer centre. Among them Indira is most beautiful and having long hair than everyone. She is proud and head weight about her long hair. All these five girls are co-operative with each other but very rude with the other peoples apart from them. They praised every one in between them and teasing the other peoples apart from them. All the girls parent’s know about this. Apart from Indira all the other girls parents thinking that they should teached to learn a lesson in the coming days. They waiting for that moment.
One day there is a conversation held between sujata and indira. Indira told that her hair is longer than sujata and that is the best one among them. Indira now making a bun of her hair and bet sujata. Sujata also know about indira. So sujata should thought indira should to learn a lesson. So she said “I bet you. My hair is shiny and thick when compared to your longer hair. So my hair is best. You can ask your brother when he return from office about this. If he tell my hair is best then u should cut your hair length to my hair length. Is it ok for you”. Indira told ok. 
Sujata make a call to baskar and told about this. Baskar also know about indira’s character. So he decided to tell that sujata’s hair is best one. When he came back from office both Indira and Sujata together asked about that hairs. Baskar replied sujata’s is best according to the shiny and thickness. Indira get frasturated. Sujata said to indira “You lost your bet. As per the bet you can cut your hair to my length”. Indira told no way. But Sujata told “If you can cut your hair to my length then it’s over. Other wise i can cut your hair according to my wish”. Indira get shocked. Sujata ordered maid gowri to bring the scissor. Gowri took the scissor and give it to sujata. Sujata ordered Indira to cut the hair to her length. Indira had no choice. So she opened her hair bun. Sujata ordered gowri to comb indira. Gowri took a comb and started to comb indira’s hair. Then she braided indira hair. Then she put a band at the bottom equals to sujata hair. Nearly 12” of hair is hanging from the bottom of band.
Sujata ordered to cut that hair. Indira begged sujata not to do so. But sujata ordered gowri to cut the hair of indira. Now gowri took the scissor and crunched the hair below the band level. Sujata was very happy that she tought a lesson to indira. Indira become very sad. Now her hair is upto her hip. Sujata told to indira not to bet or no to tease others. Indira started crying and went into her room.
After that things going very well. When indira goes to institute all the other friends of her asked about her hair cut. She told all the things. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Lavanya Headshave Incident

Lavanya is a young girl which finished her graduation. She has no parents. She stayed in hostel with her friends. She grown up in a orphanage. Her main asset is her hair. Her hair is upto her knees. Thick and long and also very shiny. She is very proud of her hair and also got some head weight that her hair beautiful then others. So she always comments other’s hair in a worst manner.
Now she is staying in a hostel and working in a firm as Personal Secretary to Managing Director for the last 6 months. Lavanya’s company’s Managing Director Mr. Patil is a head shave fetish. He aged about 55 years. He has an ambition to shave a long hair girl. So he is looking for a young girl to shave. Her wife is Mrs. Seema Patil aged about 47. Mrs. Seema know about the fetish and ambition of Mr. Patil. So she get shaved 6 months once by Mr. Patil. She was in short hair because every six months Mr. Patil shaves her. But she knows that Mr. Patil is much interested in shaving a young girl with long hair. So she is also looking for a young girl to fulfil the wish of Mr. Patil. When Lavanya came for Interview in that firm Mr. & Mrs. Patil together interviewed her. Both Mr. & Mrs. Patil saw her long hair. Without any hesitation they appointed as personal secretary to Mr. Patil.
Geetha is one of the girl who is staying with lavanya as room mate in hostel. She has only hip length hair. She is working in another firm of Mr. Patil. Both Lavanya and Geetha did not know that the both concern they working was run my Mr. Patil and their working concern owner was Mr. Patil. Every time Lavanya’s commented worstly about Geetha’s hair. So Geetha is very jealous of Lavanya’s long hair. She is also waiting for a chance to cut Lavanya’s hair. Lavanya’s should not know about this.
Mrs. Seema also waiting a chance to shave Lavanya’s Head by Mr. Patil. She came to know that the roommate of Lavanya is Geetha which is also working in Mr. Patil’s another concern. So she call Geetha over her mobile and told her that she want to speak something to Geetha.
Geetha was surprised to her MD’s wife want to speak to her. So she rushed quickly to Mrs. Seema’s Cabin. Mrs. Seema asked Geetha to sit. Geetha sit on the chair. Seema said to Geetha that she want to speak about a personal matter which is very confidential and did not leak about that. Geetha was surprised again. So Geetha told to Seema “Tell me madam. I won’t tell this matter to any one. You can believe me and tell me what”. Seema replied “I came to know that Lavanya’s is your roommate. Is it true”. Geetha answered “Yes Madam. Do you know Lavanya”. Seema replied “Yes. She is working in our another concern”. Geetha surprisingly replied “Is it so. That concern she was working is also yours”. Seema replied yes. 
Then Geetha asked “Tell madam. What I need to do for you”. Seema said “one thing geetha. If you not interested in doing this you won’t tell this thing to any body. It is not compulsory to do this help for me.” Geetha told “Madam tell me what is the thing”. Seema replied “You know my husband, your MD Patil”. Geetha told “Yes mam, i know him but not too much.” Seema replied “Ya. I know that. Your MD Patil is a headshave fetish. He is shaving my head every six months once. So i have in short hair every 6 months.” Geetha exclaimed “Oh. Is he shaving every six months once”. Seema replied “Yes. But my husband’s ambition is to shave a long hair girl. That’s why when Lavanya came for interview we both appointed her without any hesitation. We discussed together how to trap Lavanya for headshave. Just one day before we came to know that you is the roommate of her. She make a plan. That’s why i called you for help”. 
Geetha shocked and surprised to hear this and said “Madam, are you planning to shave Lavanya’s Head?. Oh my god. I also a wish to cut her hair. But suddenly you are saying that you and your husband wish to shave her. Oh what a pretty thing”. Seema asked “are you planned to cut her hair, Why?”. Geetha replied “Madam, Lavanya got head weight about her hair. She is teasing me every time about my hair. So i planned to cut her hair. But you planned to shave her. Good thing. How can I help you to shave her hair. I will definitely help you”.
Seema was happy to hear this. She said to geetha that “Lavanya working concern cashier should be on leave for three days. So we planned to give the responsibility to Lavanya to collect all the amount of daily sales from our sales representative and keep it and handover to the cashier on the fourth day. Lavanya should not know that we have a bunch of keys of that cash drawers. So after working hours we planned to take out a amount of collection and wish to keep that amount in Lavanya’s Personal Suitcase. So that making her a thief of that missing amount. She could be easily trapped in this matter. So that we can force her to do her headshave for the theft. So you will help us by keeping the money in Lavanya’s Suitcase which she use for her dress and other certificates without lavanya’s knownledge when she was at hostel. That is the way you help us. We give you promotion and good increment for you”. 
On hearing this Geetha was happy and told that she will definitely do this because she know that the place of key of suitcase lavanya using. Seema told “I would meet you on the third day before the cashier will return for his duty”. Geetha replied ok madam but one more thing. Please shave her in front of me. Seema said ok. Seema went back home in the evening and told Mr. Patil about that. Patil was very happy and told that “you will also shave your head on that day”. Mrs. Seema replied Ok. Also Mr. Patil and Mrs. Seema was plan to shave geetha on that day. So they make another plan without the knowledge of Geetha. Mr. Patil was very happy and excited and waiting for that day.

On the third day after office hours Seema went to Lavanya’s work place and open the cash drawer with the key which she has and take way Rs. 1,00,000 from that drawer. She handover the cash to Geetha. Geetha returned back hostel with that amount in her handbag. Lavanya asked geetha why she is late. Geetha told that she had heavy work at office. Lavanya told geetha that she is going to take bath. Geetha told that she is going for sleep. She asked lavanya to woke up her when lavanya finished bathing and geetha acted that she went over bed and make a sleep. Lavanya went for bathing. Now Geetha got up and open the suitcase of Lavanya and placed the money in the bottom of suitcase and locked it again. Mr. Patil gave some cash to hostel watchman and asked that watchman to make photograph’s of Geetha’s act. Geetha should not know about that. So she put the cash in lavanya’s suitcase and acted as sleeping. Watchman take snaps of that act without geetha’s knowledge and handover the photographs to Mr. Patil.
Lavanya got out of the washroom and went to awake geetha. Geetha acted just got from sleep and asked lavanya did she finished her bathing. Lavanya said yes and both got their dinner and went for sleep. Geetha was very happy that lavanya did not suspect anything.
Next day Lavanya went to her office. Cashier returned back to office from his leave. Lavanya checked the cash which was to be hand over to cashier. She found Rs. 1,00,000 is missing. She got shocked. She searched the whole cash drawer and her cabin. But the cash not found else where. So she got frustrauted. She returned the remaining cash to cashier and saying some amount is missing and she started crying. Cashier shocked to hear this. He immediately informed that to Mr. Patil. Patil came there and enquired about that. She said that she locked with full amount yesterday evening but found Rs. 1,00,000 missing in the morning.
Patil acted that he should not believe her. He immediately told to Lavanya that he will inform to the police. Lavanya shocked on hearing this and pleaded Mr. Patil. She told she will search the full office now. But Mr. Patil told that he don’t believe her. He immediately said that he want to check her room. He also told that he suspect her.
Lavanya said that she had not taken the cash. But Mr. Patil called Mrs. Seema Patil and asked Seema to check the room of Lavanya. Seema went with lavanya to her room. She acted as searching for the money. At last seema asked lavanya to open lavanya’s suitcase. She found the cash there. Lavanya got shocked. She said she did not know about this. But Mrs. Seema Patil acted that she did not believe her. With the found cash she also returned to their office with Lavanya.
Seema told to Patil that the missing cash found on the suitcase of Lavanya. Lavanya is crying a lot and told that she did not do that work. She did not take away the cash. But Mr. Patil in strict manner told Seema to call the Police. Lavanya now crying loudly saying “don’t call police. I don’t don’t stole the cash please.”
On seeing that Seema asking Mr. Patil “What can if police arrest her”. Patil replied that “They put her in Jail for 2 year for stealing a big amount of cash and then in jail they would cut Lavanya’s Hair also into short and many prisoners in jail would make use of Lavanya”. On hearing this Lavanya crying in high pitch. Seema saying to Mr. Patil “Wait. Don’t Call Police” and turned to Lavanya and said “Lavanya do one thing for us. We will not call police.” Lavanya noded her head seeing Seema and asked “What can I do for you”. Seema replied “If you do one thing in our favour we will not call police. Otherwise we will hand over to the police for the theft and your life become more peculiar. What do you say. Can you do what we can tell”. Lavanya replied in crying mood “I will do what ever you say. Don’t call police”.
Seema and Mr. Patil become happy in hearing this. Seema told that “We know that you have got some head weight about your hair. I came to know that you commented about my short hair with our other staffs. So you will agree to shave your head. My husband will shave your head in your front of your room mate. If you agree for this we won’t call police. Otherwise we handover you to the police”. Lavanya got shocked and begged Seema “Madam don’t shave my head. I can do anything other than that. please....” But seema replied that “This is our final agreement. If you agree then no problem. Otherwise if we handover to the police they make you a fraud and they can shave your head and you will be at the prison for 2 years. What do you say.” 
Lavanya had no chance. She begging Mr. Patil and Seema for some time. But Seema was very strict in her decision. At last Lavanya agreed to shave her head. Seema acted that she did not know about geetha. So she asked lavanya about her room mate. Lavanya asked seema about why seema asking about her room mate. Seema replied that will be a lesson for all hostel girls for doing the theft. She also told “Your roommate should also be shaved because we thought she is also took part in this incident”. So seema told that she asking for her roommate. Lavanya got fraustrauted and told that her room mate was Geetha and give geetha’s mobile number to Seema. Lavanya replied “No. She don’t know anything. She will not agree for this”. But Seema told “If she does not agree we will handover both to the police, they can shave your heads. Don’t tell anything to geetha about this”. They rang the phone to geetha to come to their residence by giving their address and then they took lavanya to their residence. 
Seema rang geetha to come to their residence. Geetha was happy and went to patil’s residence. On seeing Lavanya, she acted not knowing Mr. patil and Mrs. Seema. She asked Lavanya “what is the matter”. Lavanya crying and said about the theft of money. Geetha acted like shocking. She asked seema “ What you are going to do in this matter”. Seema told that “Lavanya told not to call police. She agreed to shave her head. We will shave her head only”. Geetha again acting like shocked and asked “Lavanya. Is this true. Are you agree for the shave”. Lavanya replied cryingly “Yes. I don’t have any choice. So i agreed to shave my head”. Geetha acted again that she was sad to hear that. Now Seema said i also decided to shave my head.
Now Mr. Patil make arrangements to head shave Lavanya. He made the equipments ready. He called both Lavanya and Seema to sit in the chairs before the dressing mirror placed. Seema went and sat on the chair. But Lavanya moved slowly thinking about to sit or not. Seema in commanding voice Geetha can you help lavanya to sit on the chair. Geetha now moved towards lavanya pushing her to get on the chair. Lavanya now looking at the mirror. She saw her briad. Tears rolling out of her eyes. She pull the braid to front side. Now Mr. Patil moved to lavanya and asked to put the braid back. Lavanya slowly hold her braid and put back of her.
Now Mr. Patil holded Lavanya’s Braid.He was very excited to see that braid. It was very thick and shiny and long also. He holded the braid for some time. Then he started to unbraid Lavanya’s Hair. After finished unbraiding he just gave a massage on the head of lavanya. Then he took a comb and started to comb lavanya’s hair. Geetha also seeing this with much happy. After combing Lavanya’s hair the parted her hair into two part.
At that time Seema asked Geetha to come to next room. Geetha went with him. Now seema showed the photographs of geetha’s act with lavanya’s suitcase taken by watchman. Geetha shocked by the photos. She asked “why you do this”. Seema replied we want to shave your head also. Geetha told “no way”. But seema told that if you are not co-operate with us we will handle this case in a different manner that you are the culprit in the theft. Geetha get shocked “No please” don’t do this. But seema told geetha that “now you can say to lavanya that you should also shave your head in support of her”. 
Geetha begged seema. Seema in no way to give away geetha. So she told no way. You should shave your hair and we will give increment and promotion. Other wise you can not relieve from this matter. Seema also told “If you say to lavanya about the plan of us you will be culprit, we give money to the policemen Seema threatened Geetha. Geetha thought that she also got trapped in this part. So Geetha get shocked and cried. But seema told to clear your tears and be happy with shave. She also told “not to say about these things to lavanya, if you tell about that we will punish you by shaving every six months. So act that we threaten you to shave for the theft which is fully based on lavanya”. They get back to Mr. Patil room. At that time patil has already drenched the roots of Lavanya’s hair.
Lavanya was not stopped her crying. She is crying with tears rolling out of her eyes. Seema looked geetha. Now seema told lavanya that “We shave geetha also for that she is your roommate”. Geetha acted like shocking and said “no way”. Lavanya looked at Geetha. Geetha said “No way, i could not shave”. But Patil said “If you can’t shaved with lavanya, we handover both to the police saying that both involved in theft” Geetha’s eyes now rolled with tears. Mr. Patil was very happy to get two preys at a time. He asked Geetha to put double braid Lavanya’s Hair. Geetha moved towards Lavanya. Mr. Patil asked seema to took the chair. He then put a blade and then poured water on seema’s head and started shaving. Seema was very happy. Lavanya and Geetha both looked at seema. She is very happily get shaved.
Now Geetha took Lavanya’s left side hair and began to braid that hair and then finished it. Taking right side part hair of lavanya geetha began to braid that side. At that time patil finished shaving seema in two minutes. Then he moved towards geetha who is braiding lavanya’s hair. Patil move backside of geetha and took her hair in hand. It is also hip length hair with massive thickness. Geetha braiding lavanya’s hair looking at the mirror that what is patil doing. Patil began to unbraid geetha’s hair and started to massage her hair.
Geetha finished braiding of Lavanya. Patil asked geetha to sit on the chair where seema’s headshave take’s place. Seema got out of the chair and geetha sat on the chair. Patil also drenched the hair of geetha with water. Then he asked seema to drench lavanya hair with more water which is easy for shaving. Seema drenching lavanya’s hair. Water was wiping in lavanya’s face. At that time Patil then parted geetha’s hair also into two parts. Then he put a band on left side of geetha’s hair and make a ponytail and the same for the right side hair. Seema drenched lavanya hair fully. Now patil move towards lavanya and saw the braids. He got excited. He asked seema now to drench geetha’s hair. Seema now drenching geetha’s hair. Patil took a Knife loaded a half new blade in it. On seeing that lavanya began to cry loudly.
Now he moved towards geetha. Water was wiping in geetha’s face also. Patil asked seema “Who is the first one to shave”. Seema replied “First shave left side pony of Geetha, then shave right side braid of lavanya”. On hearing this both geetha and lavanya become crying more. But Mr. Patil got excited.
Patil moved in front of geetha and took water in one hand. Poured the water in the centre parted head of geetha and rubbed his hand. His other hand is having the shaving knife. The he put the knife on centre parted geetha’s head and make a move to the left side. A white patch appears on geetha’s head. Geetha feels cool hair touches her scalps. She crying loudly. Patil make a another move on her head. Geetha’s hair roots separated from scalp. Patil began to move the knife on geetha’s head. Some small hairs are falling on geetha’s face. The long hair seperated on the head is hanging on the band which is made as pony tail. He finished the shave of front left side. Then he moved back and take water in his one hand and rubbed on back left side of geetha’s hair.
Lavanya watching this with crying tears on her eyes. Geetha now thought that her long hair is going all the way from her. She is weeping for that and looking at the mirror what patil is doing. Patil now again take water and rubbed in the same portion of geetha’s head. Then he put the knife there and started to shave. Then he folded geetha’s earlobe and shave at that place. Almost left side of geetha’s hair is shaved and hanging in the band. Only bottom back left side hair is remaining for the shave on geetha’s head. Then he nodded geetha’s head down and stared to shave there. Within 1 minute geetha’s left side ponytail fall on geetha’s lap. On seeing this geetha began to cry loudly. Seema took the ponytail and placed on the table of mirror. 
Patil asked seema to put shaving cream on left side of geetha’s head. Seema now put the shaving cream on geetha’s head and make foaming it with shaving brush. Patil at the time hold lavanya’s braid and make a kiss on it. Lavanya shocked with patil’s act. Then patil took a bag and take out a roll of jasmine flowers which is tied in a thread. Then he began to roll that jasmine flower on right side braid of lavanya’s hair from the top of neck level and finished it at the bottom band level. Now lavanya’s right side hair braid is fully covered with jasmine flower roll.
Seema finished the foam work on geetha’s left head. Then patil loaded a new half blade on knife and began to shave geetha’s left side for a nice shave. Shaving foam falling on geetha’s saree. Geetha now adjusting her head along with patil’s movement of knife in her head. Patil finished shaving on left side with foam. Now geetha’s bald left side head is shiny. Lavanya looking at her braids for the last time. She thought that her hear will be dead soon and relieved from her head very soon.
Patil now cleaned the left side head of geetha with a clean cloth. Then he moved down towards Lavanya. Lavanya began to cry loudly. Patil moved front of lavanya and pull her right side braid to front. Then he take a mug of water and again drenched at the centre part of lavanya’s head. Water again weeping in the lavanya’s face along with her tears. Then patil loaded a half blade in knife and went a right side of lavanya. Then he placed on hand on lavanya’s head centre parted place and rubbed it. Then he placed the knife on lavanya’s head right side began to make a move on backwards. White patch appears on lavanya’s head. Lavanya got a cool hair sensation on her head and thinks that the shave was started and also thinks that her hair getting last moments in her head.
Patil moved his hand with knife on backwards and began to shave lavanya right back side along the parted area. He make many strokes on lavanya’s head. Lavanya’s hair began to release from her head and hanging on her right braid. Within 10 mins patil shaved lavanya’s back right side and then he moved to front of lavanya. He nodded lavanya’s head down and began to shave her right side by moving the knife forwards. After a few mins lavanya’s jasmine rolled braid fall on lavanya’s lap. 
Lavanya saw her braid is now on her lap. She thought her beauty has gone. Patil now took that braid in his hand and saw that braid. He is very happy to saw that braid. Now he peeled out the jasmine roll and smelled the braid. Seema was happy to see that long braid in patils hand. Geetha also watched that act of patil. She don’t tell anything. Now patil placed that braid on the table of mirror next to geetha’s ponytail. The braid is more than 20 inches long when compared to ponytail and also very thick. 
Now patil again moved towards geetha. He took a comb and release the band in the ponytail on geetha right side head. Geetha now realised and think that what he is doing with the right side hair. She saw at the mirror. Patil now took a water sprayer and spray the water on geetha’s unshaved right side and comb it. After several combing geetha hair become wet. Then he massaged her hairs for few mins. After getting satisfied with her hair wetness now he again put the band on the top most level near the root hairs of geetha’s head. The ponytail is again ready for shave. Then he took a electrical clipper and plugged it. 
Geetha thought that patil can shave her by using clippers. Her thought is right. Patil now placed the clippers on front of geetha head and began to move on her head. Now her hair roots got released from her head. Patil now moving the clippers almost to the back side of geetha’s head. After a few mins geetha’s another right side pony tail is released from her head. Patil took that one and placed on the table next to geetha’s left side ponytail. 
On seeing that seema got much excited. She moved towards lavanya and checked whether lavanya’s left side braid is wet or dry. She thought that her ponytail is dry. So she asked patil whether she drench lavanya’s braid with water. But patil ordered seema to unbraid lavanya’s hair. Seema thought that patil has got some more idea to shave lavanya’s balance hair. So she began to unbraid lavanya’s hair. At that time patil foams shaving cream on geetha’s head. Seema finished unbraiding lavanya’s hair. 
Now patil moved towards lavanya and hold a small part of her hair in his hand. He took small thick thread and put a knot near the root hair of lavanya’s head. Then ordered seema to do like that. Seema was very interested in it. She now began to do what patil told her. Lavanya eyes rolled again with tears. She thought that her right side hair also at the last moment on her head. Patil was shaving with foam on geetha’s head. Now he finished shaving fully. Geetha was so beautiful in bald head. Geetha also recognize that she would be very beautiful in bald head.
Seema make 20 small ponytails on lavanya’s hair. Then patil moved towards lavanya and drenched lavanya’s hair roots. Then he again loaded a half blade in knife and nodded lavanya’s head down. Then patil began to shave lavanya’s ponytails. Geetha much impressed on that shave. She moved towards lavanya and watched it. Patil shaving from front wards make a ponytail to fall on lavanya’s lap. Geetha moved towards that and take it in her hand. Patil asked geetha to collect all the ponytails he shaves and he continue to shave lavanya. Lavanya also surprised to see geetha’s act.
After a few minutes all the tiny ponytails are released from lavanya’s head. The patil take the shave cream and fully make foam on lavanya’s head and began to shave her nicely. Seema watching this act with smile. After a few minutes patil realised that his shaving is completed. Lavanya also thought that she was more beautiful in bald head. She got down from the chair and walked towards the braids which is placed in the table.
Now one braid, two full ponytails and a bunch of tiny ponytails is placed on the table. Geetha also moved with her. Lavanya took her braid in her hands and watched it. Again tears rolling in her eyes. Patil took geetha’s two ponytails and combined it together and make it single. Seema now working with lavanya’s tiny ponytails make it one. Then she collected lavanya’s braid and unbraid it and combined with the other one. 
Patil took a huge amount of money and placed it in the hands of lavanya and geetha and told that thanks for your kind co-operation. Lavanya shocked that both seema and patil planned that headshave and she came to know that patil is a headshave fetish. But things are finished now. So she did not tell anything. Seema told lavanya to come to office tomorrow and get the promotion to higher grade job. Seema asked geetha to come to lavanya work office and get a job there with high promotions. Both Lavanya and geetha got happy with it. They returned to their rooms and rubbed the other ‘s head and got laughing. Seema and Patil also very happy and they thought their ambition to shave long hair girl is fulfilled.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Story of Rajaram daughter's Headshave

This is a story of 3 beautiful sisters - which is takes place in Tamil Nadu - Chennai.

Rajaram is a high class rich man. His wife banumathy is also very strictly in following the rules of her caste. They had three daugthers. Named - Radhika, Renuka, Rekha. All the three were very beautiful.
Radhika in her 3rd Final year of B.E. Very beautiful - having her hair just below her hip which is very thick and long. Renuka - 2nd Year of B.E. She is also very beautiful - having long hair upto her knees which is very thick, shiny and long then Radhika. Rekha is the younger of all - beautiful then the other two and also having long and thick hair below her knees - studying +2. She daily wearing double folded braids for her school. When her hair is folded and double braided it longs upto her hip. 
Both three girls loves their long hair very much. Their life going smoother. Banumathy their mother is very strict. But taking care of the three girls very well. One day Rajaram saw her elder daughter Radhika is travelling with a guy in bike when she normally at the college time. She din’t noticed that her father seen her. She was sitting on the back side of motorcycle holding her hands on the guy who is driving that motor cycle.
Rajaram got shocked and irritated by this Act. He doesn’t did anything. Just returned to his residence and call his secretary Mr. Murugan and tell about the incidence and ask him to enquire about the boy secretly. Mr. Murugan also enquired about that guy who take Radhika with Motor Cycle. Mr. Murugan told to Mr. Rajaram that guy is from a lower class - who is staying near the coovam side one small hut with his mother and his sister. He don’t have father. That guy is not a good guy having so much of bad habits. That guy loves Radhika mainly for her wealth and her beauty. So he won’t want to Radhika at any reason.
Rajaram got very angry on his elder daughter action. Then he takes a decision. So he then make a conversation with his wife and his secretary about that. First they did not agree but after Rajaram’s point they agree for that. So he called Mr. Murugan’s wife Mrs. Poornima for help. Mrs. Poormina have maintaining a good relation ship with both the three girls. So he asked her for help and told about his plan. Poornima is a average lady but having long, nice and shiny hair upto her hip. But Murugan already shaved his head in a temple just a week ago.
Mrs. Poornima accepted that. The four people (Rajaram, poornima, banumathy, murugan) waiting for the time to work out the plan. Radhika returned from college to home very earlier. Mrs. Poornima taking coffee for her. She enters Radhika’s Room. She gave coffee to Radhika. Then she started to take Radhika’s Bride in her hand and just said to Radhika that “Your hair are so beautiful. Make it more beautiful by cutting your front hairs as i saw a model in TV. Its very glamorous”. But Radhika said “Mummy won’t give permission for that”. But Poornima said “I will get permission for your mother for that cut”. Radhika said “From Mummy, No way”. But Poornima said “When we are watching a serial in TV a Actress cut her front hair which is ur length hair - Seeing that Ur Mummy said that it is very superb. So permission from your mummy i will get it. But you agree for that front haircut - OK”. 
Radhika said “If you get that permission I will ok for that”. Poornima was in happy because their plan works out. So she said to Radhika “Wait I will return in few mins” and goes away from Radhikas Room. After a few mins she returned to Radhika’s Room and said “Radhika I got the permission. Ur mother said ok for that”. Radhika was happy. But she did not knows about the plan of them.
She also told that your mother also coming with us. Radhika asked “where do we can cut front layers of hair”. Poornima told that “I know a young man who is running a saloon near the end of the street. I have cutted my daughter’s hair there. Visiting Parlour is more expensive. Just front Bang Cut Only. So visit there and cut the front bang there”. Now Banumathy coming in is also accepted that. 
Radhika is also says ok for that. So Banumathy told Radhika to refreshen up and get ready for the saloon. Ok says Radhika. At that time Rajaram along with Murugan goes to the barber shop run by the young man and told him that three ladies come there very shortly. So make a headshave for that girl who is young of all without her consiscence. Kumar who is running a barbershop at the end of the street of Rajaram House. He had a eye on the hair of three girls as well as Banumathy who is also having long hair. But he did not know who is going to headshave whether the three girls or relative of Rajaram. So he is eargly waiting for that three ladies.


From Barber Kumar Point of View Now - on :
Waiting for that three ladies my face became bright when I saw that elder daughter of Rajaram coming along with Banumathy and Poornima. I acted without knowing anything of their plans. When the three entered my saloon poornima who asked me that can you cut the front bang of ladies hair. I said yes. Then she turned to Radhika to came front. Seeing her i become very happy. Just told hair to sit on the chair. 
She sits of the chair. The other two is waiting at the back. I told her to put the braid in front because when she sit on the chair her hair also on the back between chair and her body. So she pulled her braid to front. Seeing her long hair i was so much excited. Said to her to open her braid. She asked why to open the braid. I told it is very easy to excute the front bang with equal trims. She said ok.
She began to open her braid. I was amazed to see her long hair opening. When only she opened the band at the bottom of her her i asked her to free her hands. She asked why. I will now open your hair with backside. She said ok. I opened her hair. It was very thick and long. After opening her long hair i spreaded the hair on her back. 
Taking water sprayer i sprayed on her head. She asked why are you spraying water in head. I said it is easy to manage the hair with cutting. Then she didnot asked any question. I drenched her hair a lot. Then i take a comb to manage her hair. I just combed her hair. Then take a scissor and asking her how many length it should be the front bang. Poornima came between us and said this is the length. I said Ok.
Then combing her hair making a double pony tail on her head. Radhika asked why u r making ponytail with rubber band. I said its easy to pull the hair which was to be cutted and the other hair or safe. She said Ok. Then i take a classic knife which was i already loaded with new blade without her consiscence. Then I made her head bow toward ground. Came in front of her just nodded her head down. She realized that some thing is going happen. She just looks at my hands. She was shocked. Because i am ready to shave her with knife. She just get irritrated and refused and shaked her head.
She asked me “Why are you handling knife and what are you doing with my head? Did you want to shave my head.” She turned against Poornima and asked “what is this? - I won’t lose my hair and I don’t shave my head”. Telling this she got to relieve from the chair. But this time Poornima and Radhika’s mother suddenly pulled her back to chair. Now Radhikas mother said to me “Start your work”. But Radhika shaked her head and shouted “Mother - Don’t cut or shave my head” and she shaking her head. I won’t get a chance to start the shaving. At that time Mr. Rajaram along with Mr. Murugan entered the shop. Mr. Rajaram told Murugan to hold her head without shaking.
Radhika get shocked about their decision. Her expression now turns into cry. She is crying “Don’t shave my head - I won’t.” She started crying loudly. Mr. Rajaram got irritrated with her cry. He took a scissor which is on my table, give it to me to cut the hair and then make shave. Radhika refused to cut or shave. Rajaram is now holding her hands, Mrs. Banumathy holding her legs, Murugan holding her head and poornima is holding her in the chair.
I also said some irritations will be appear when the hair is cutted and shaved. So I will shave her hair with double pony tail. Rajaram said Ok. Then I started to shave her head with double ponytail. I put the knife on the centre part of her head on partition of hair and started to move there. White patches appeared. I moved knife on her head very fastly. Hair began to hang on the pony tail which I ready maked on head. Radhika have no option to move her head. A Bunch of ponytail is fallen on her right side. Right side is completed. I took the ponytail and placed on the mirror table which is placed before her. I stared to shave on the left side now. She become very guilty and she did not say anything. But she is crying. Left side ponytail is now released from her head. After 15 mins I finished shaving. Rajaram asked me to shave reverse with knife for smooth.
Revathi did not tell anything. After reverse shaving she move from the chair and ready to back to her residence. Rajaram payed Rs. 100 for shaving. I received the amount. All left from the shop. I was the only person in the saloon. I took the 2 ponytails and joined that together. Its very thick and very long. I think if i sell that to hair wig maker definitely its worth a minimum amount of 20,000/-. I was happy about that. I only charged Rs. 100/- for Shaving. I feel that the financial problems for this month is over. 
After that incident of headshave after two days I came to know that Revathi run away from her house with that guy. I feel very sad about that. Then again after 2 days i came to know that the younger girl Rekha have also a love affair with her school mate. She is also ran away from her house. I got shocked about that. After 1 week i came to know that Rekha got caught by her father and his servants and taken back her to home. When I hear the news on a day morning Mr. Rajaram and Mr. Murugan came to my saloon. I was busy with a customer. When he came he asked me “when you are free”. I said from “afternoon 3 pm i am free”. He said “Come to my home and there is a work for you”. I said “ok. I will there by 3 pm Sir”. He said “Nice. Can I make a remember of that.” I answered “Sir I will be there by 3. So no rememberance required for me”. He said ok.
After he returned back I finished my work by 1 pm and taken my lunch. After some relaxation i watched the time. Now 2.25 pm. I thinked about what sunderesan said. I come to a conclusion that there should be another long hair headshave. I become excited. I already know that the younger of the three girls having that long hair of all. I think that she caught by her father. So he decided to make a headshave or haircut for her. I thought that. Time pass away. Now i watched the time. Its 2.50 pm. I already arranged my tools that is scissor, knife, blade, comb, water sprayer and all the things for shave and cut. I started to move towards Rajaram house.
I reached there by 2.53 pm. I knocked the door. I heard the sound that sunderesan asking Poornima to open the door. Poornima opened the door. Saw me. Then she guided me to the main hall. At the main hall Mr. Rajaram, Mr. Murugan and Mrs. Banumathy was taking with each other. On seeing me Mr. Rajaram came near to me and asked whether i brought the equipment for shaving. I said yes. I asked Mr. Rajaram “which one is to get shaved”. He said “I will tell you - did you want anything for shaving”. I said “yes, i need a bucket of water”. Now poornima moved towards a room and get a bucket of water for me. I sit down at the corner of room and make arrangements of tools for shave.
Mr. Rajaram came near to me and said “Shave me”. I was shocked and I was in absence of mood. Because I already thought that the young daughter of Mr. Rajaram should be shaved. I was in sad mood. Mr. Rajaram sit before me. I drenched his head with water and started shaving. I finished his headshave within 3 mins. I again shave his head for smoothness. After finishing his headshave he said “Make your tools to shave some other persons”. I get a brighten mood with his words.
At that time Mr. Rajaram’s younger daughter Rekha is just come out of her room. I noticed that she had taken her head bath just few mins before because she is woring a towel on her head. She is shocked to see her father bald and noticed that i am sitting down at there. She is reacting very shockingly. Rajaram called his younger daughter Rekha to came near him. She is moving very slowly towards him with very sad and shocking expression. Then Mr. Rajaram asked Rekha to sit before me. Rekha refused asking why and started crying. Rajaram in shouting manner “Do what i say”. But Rekha refused. Rajaram told that “If you do what I say then I will make after 3 years the arrangements to marry the guy which you love. Other wise i will send my persons to kill him with his family”. Rekha got shocked and said “No. Don’t do that. I will do as per your words”. Rajaram and Murugan moved away from the room saying to “Poornima - you will take care of that shave. We will be back again in 15 mins”. Poornima replied ok. Banumathy saying that she is going to kitchen.
Rekha slowly began to sit in front of me. She is crying sitting with crying eyes. I noticed that the towel on her head is in very huge shape. I was very happy and excited. I thought that the hair was also very long and thick. I nodded her head down and to open the towel from her head. Poornima got noticed and move towards us and she helped in open that towel from Rekha’s head. Poornima just releasing the towel from Rekha’s Head. Now her hair released from the towel and falling down. Rekha is crying too much. Now the total towel is released from her head. Her hair is wet and hanging front and back. I again noded her head to down and start partitioning the hair from back to right and left side. I wish to shave her with full length hair straight away. So I gathered her hair two sides. Then I take a comb to comb her hair.
Poornima noticed and came near to me and told “Do you want any help”. I said yes. She take another comb and partitioning the hair from left and right side. Now the hair is partitioned. Then i asked poornima to comb that right side and i was combing Rekha’s hair in the left side. Rekha had a huge massive and long hair. So i was very difficult to comb her hair. After making freely combing of her hair then i asked Poornima to make a braid on right side. Poornima asked why. I said “the length is very long and the thickness is very massive. If we make braid on each side then it is easy to shave Rekha’s Hair. That’s why i am telling” i replied poornima. Poornima said “OK. I braid on right side. You make the braid on left side”. Now i was making a braid on the left side. Poornima braiding the right side hair. After 5 mins of braiding we finished braiding of Rekha’s hair and folded that braid and put a band at the end of the hair. Now Rekha is in double braid
I am very much excited to see the length of the braid. Rekha is sitting in front of me. Her half braids on each side is on the floor. Another half length is hanging in each side of her head. Just imagine the length. I just now nodded her head to the ground and take a mug of water and pour on her head. Her hair is already wet. I also drenched the hair roots. Then i take a knife put a blade in it. On seeing it Rekha cried loudly. I downed her head a side and started to shave her. “Scrhhhh” the sound on her head make a white patch on her head. I started to shave her slowly. It was very difficult to shave her because her hair is very thick. Started on right side i shaved it completely. Now the braid is falled on the ground.
Then i make a move to shave her left side. On seeing her hair in the ground she cried continuously. But i don’t care about her cry. I am very much interested in shaving her left side. After 15 mins i completely shaved her. Mr. Rajaram and Mr. Murugan returned back. On seeing the shave is completed Mr. Rajaram told me to make smooth on her head. I repeated the process of shaving. Its very smooth. Mrs. Banumathy also returned from kitchen. Then Mr. Rajaram asked Banumathy that “Did you also want to shave your head”. Banumathy replied yes.
Rajaram told me to shave Banumathy head. Banumathy came before me and sat down. I asked to open her hair from band. She is also having long hair upto hip but not so thick. She just opened her hair. I noded down her head and started pouring water in her head. After making massage to her hair roots with water I separated her hair into two parts and make knots on each side as headshave take place in Tirupati. Then i guided her down and started to shave her. It is very easy to shave her. Within 5 mins I completed the shaving.
So i thought that i completed the work. So I put the two braids of Rekha and Banumathy in a bag and began to pack up my tools. Mr. Rajaram come near to me and said “just wait for 10 mins. You have to shave another one”. Then I got some exclamations and noticed Poornima. I asked him “Who is the person”. He replied that “wait for 10 mins. That person will be here within 10 mins”. I got confused about that person. So i am eagerly waiting for that person.
After 10 mins Renuka - the second daughter of Rajaram returned from her college. She noticed that her mother, father are bald and shocked and also noticed me. She don’t tell any thing and entering her room. Rajaram asked poornima to call Renuka. I was so much excited and think that she is the person for headshave. Poornima just entered Renuka’s room and returned with her.
Renuka was a little bit afraid followed Poornima. Rajaram told Renuka to Shave her hair. She was shocked to hear this. She said “No Daddy. I am a good girl. I have no love affairs. I will concentrate only on studies. No. Don’t shave my head”. But Rajaram replied that “I know that you are concentrating on your studies and you are a good girl. But this is the punishment for you for not telling me beforely about the love affairs of Radhika and Rekha which you should know about that earlier”. Renuka said sorry for that. But Rajaram said “You should accept the punishment of shaving your head. Otherwise I won’t allow you to continue your studies. You will be here at the residence and I will make arrangements for your marriage and you should be married earlier”. But Renuka said “Daddy i will study well and became a industrialist. That is the dream of me. But don’t gave any punishment dad”. She started crying. Rajaram was very confident with his decision and said “Go and shave your head. That is the only way to continue your studies”. 
Poornima and Banumathy also told Renuka to shave her head. She started crying and poornima moved Renuka towards me. Renuka sat before me. I just watched Renuka’s Hair. It is Single braided hair upto her knee length and also thick with Jasmine Flower on her braid. Poornima just take Renuka’s hair from her back and started to unbraid her hair. I just stopped Poornima in doing this. Poornima asked why. I said I will shave with that single braid. Poornima said Ok. Then i started noding Renuka head down. Take a mug of water and pour on Renukas head and started massaging her hair root. Then i put a new blade on knife and watched the face of Renuka. She is now crying loudly. I started shaving her head from the front left side. Her hair is now fully drenched with water but neatly braided. So I started from the front of her her head and started shaving left side. She is crying. White patches began to appear on her front left head. I slowly shaving her head. After a few minutes of shaving front leaf head i slanted her head and started to shave her right front side. Now the hairs are hanging on the centre of head. Small and tiny hairs fallen on her saree which is she wearing. After completing the front side I asked her to turn back and sit down. Now she slowly turned back. Tears are rolling on her eyes. I just watched her back side hairs. It is neatly braided with jasmine flowers.
As she turned back i take a mug of water again and drenched her root hairs. Then I started to shave her back. Its amazing to see the hairs releasing from her head and hanging on the braid. I started to shave very excitingly. After a few minutes i thought i have to finish and release the braid from Renukas head. I just pull the braid. But it wont come. Some small layers of hair on her head is not released. Then i shaved that hairs also. Now her braid get released from her head and get freedom from him. Its very long and thick. I started so smoother her head. Within 3 mins i finished in smoothening her head. I finished that shaving also. I realised that the shaving work is completed.
Then came a tragedy. Mr. Murugan asked poornima to shave her head. She asked why. He answered that all the people in the house is bald except Poornima. So he decided to shave her head also. First Poornima not agreed for that. But after compulsion of Murugan that his Master Mr. Rajaram family total bald the girls will be jealous of Poornima’s Hair Poornima agreed to shave her head. But she told she can be shaved by her wish. Murugan told ok. Then Poornima sat before me and told that “She can be shaved with double bun either side”. I said ok. Then poornima began to release her braid and loosen her hair. Now i watched her her. It is also thick and long. I make two parts of her hair. I asked her to turn left side. I hold the left side hair and make a tight bun on her left side. Then i asked her to turn right side. She said leave that right side and shave with loosed hair. I said ok. Then i take a mug of water and began to drench her hair roots on the right side. After messaging her hair roots on the right side and just pour water on the left side bun and just shake the bun to fetch the water.
Now I put another new blade in my knife and hold her head and asked her to which side i will start shaving. He said that left bun side. So i started to shave on the centre partition of the left side. I already put the bun in very tight. After i started shaving the bun began to loosen up. After several strokes of knife on her head the bun is now falling on her lap. So i just turned her head to the left side. The hair drenched with water on right side got dried when i shaved that left side. So again i take a mug of water and drenched her hair. Water is falling in strokes on her head. She said to start that right side. I started to shave. Hairs began to fall on her laps continuously. She noticed. Some tears came out of her eyes. After a few mins I finished shaving her head completely and smootly i started to collect the loose shaved hair. After collecting that i put a rubber band on that bunned hair and loosed hair together and put into my bag.
Rajaram was very happy with my shaving effort. So he paid Rs. 1000/- for that work. I collected it and returned to my saloon. After that i closed the door of saloon inside and took the collected hairs and put on the table and seeing it. I also took the ponytail of Radhika which is in the saloon and also added that to this collection. I seperated each ones hair to loosen hair separately.
Rekha’s Hair is the longest of all the hair i ever seen. It is also very thick. Next to that Renuka’s hair is long. Then Radhikas hair. But Poornima hair is very shiny and thick. Banumathy hair is long but normal thickness. I am happy to process the head shave for five long hair ladies. Then I took all the hairs to my friends wig shop. He is very excited to see such long hair. He appreciate me for shaving the hair directly from root tip. Then I sold the hairs. Its cost nearly Rs. 1,15,000 income for me. I am much happy in that. I am eagerly waiting for another turn of long hair ladies headshave. I will narrate if i get another headshave of ladies.