Sunday, 2 September 2012

Preethi Headshave

I am 22 years old and working in a software company and my husband is a business man.. I am one of the beautiful girls in my company. I got beautiful, long, thick, silky hair and used to go to company with neatly combed and I used to make it as  plait.
 Some days I used to go with pony tail and on those days I can see some guys going mad by looking me and my beautiful hair.
We got married last year, for the first six month we were enjoying our married life but then my husband used to say no colleague of mine should not come to home or I should not roam with them but I did not care about those rules and we were enjoying.
One fine night in bed my husband was lying beside me and playing with my hair and in our conversation I told about my new trainee and I uttered his comments about my beautiful hair and I further told about my colleagues comment on my hair, he asked so your hair makes u  beautiful and it is the one which attracts other males to u, I said yes and after an hour we slept.

After two days my husband called me and told he got a new offer from one of his client that is our visit to goa and our stay in the weekend and all the expense are to be provided by them and so he told me apply leave on Saturday. I made myself prepared for the trip  mentally and physically and our journey started on Friday night and we reached hotel in the morning and we were taking rest. My husband told he will get some snacks for us and he went out and bought some parcels and kept it in one shelf and we took bath, we went to visit the beauty of the place and while eating dinner he told me that he is going to shave my head tonight and I was shocked to head about that and I started to cry since it is a public area I controlled and went to room. once I stepped inside I started my argument but nothing helped he said  if you to live with me you have to do this or else if u want your hair divorce me. He asked what do u want- me or your hair.
 I said i want u.

He told that’s good first come to bath room with me you need some preliminary steps to be followed then
he took me to bathroom and asked me to remove my dress and I did after that he gave me a nice shower bath with shampoo and took me to bed room  and asked me to sit in the chair in front of dressing table then he took that bag which he kept in morning when he bought snacks. That bag contains one straight edge razor and pair of scissor a comb and a white towel. He took the towel and covered me till neck,
he took the comb and started to comb but since my hair is thick and wet he feels difficult so he thought of waiting till it gets dry  so meantime he started to press my boobs and my hair started to fly once it is dry I looked more beautiful at that moment. Then comes the worst moment after partition he put a rubber band on one side and made it as a ponytail and the other half he started to cut it from end to top with help of scissors and comb and once it came to my nape he stopped and took some more water and applied water droplets was leaking in my face and he took straight edge razor and started to move it on one side and
hairs started to fall on my lap once he stopped his work he lift my face and asked to see me in mirror,
I was shocked to see me one half of my head is with ponytail with waist level thick, black, silky hair
 neatly combed  and other half of my head is totally BALD. 

Then in a minute without removing my ponytail he started to wet my rest half portion of hair from root level then he massaged after that he took the straight edge razor and starting from my fore head he moved the razor and sideways and finally my back and that ponytail dropped in the floor from my head. He took it and kissed  and told my wife’s beauty is in my hand now.

Then again he gave me a nice bath and shaved my armpits too in bathroom.
I went home with bald head and in Monday morning I went to office with bald head
those who looked me with long silky black plaited hair saw me with bald head
some will come to office specially to see my hair and my beauty but those people are shocked to see me bald without any prior
 information and they started to make fun of me.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Braided Hair cut offs..!!!!

Braided Long haircut pieces. Sources are from Orkut. the link is presented below.

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Images of an Indian Lady getting headshave

These images are about an young lady getting herself headshaved by a barber.
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